Wyke Road (Contax G90mm Sample)

A bonus upload for today. This was seen in hackney Wick last December. Made with the Contax G fit 90mm this shot really shows the sharpness and ‘Pop’ that the lens can deliver on the A7r in good light. I was lucky enough to spot this lens, in the rare black version, in Cash Converters for a relative pittance and snapped it up. Rather than go down the helicoid route I had went for the latest version of the Tech-Art adapter which meant a bit of a wait before I could make use of it but n this walk I tried to use it as much as possible and I’m really pleased with the results.

Definitely a keeper and a great lightweight alternative to the C/Y fit 85/1.4 Planar with the added bonus of being an AF lens and, in all honesty, while the AF hunts a bit I’d say that it is quite usable and definite improvement on using the Canon 24-105L on my Metabones smart adapter III which drove me mad…

I am really enjoying the Manual aperture ring too, I wish more makers would follow Fuji’s lead on that front. There’s an honesty about changing that setting on the lens which is really appealing and direct.


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