A Simple Pleasure!

I know it's been too quiet around here lately, life has caught up with me on a number of levels over the last little while and I've just not had the energy to dedicate to photography or blogging. Thankfully we managed a really great holiday in France & Spain over the last couple of weeks.… Continue reading A Simple Pleasure!

29.04.14-07.05.14 -> Holiday in Rome (Blog Note)

I've been on Holiday in Rome. It was the first long trip I've done since going all in on the Sony A7r and ditching my Canon 1Dx. Mostly I ran with the Zeiss FE 35 & 55 lenses and I have to say it was an absolute joy to be out there shooting with a… Continue reading 29.04.14-07.05.14 -> Holiday in Rome (Blog Note)

29.01.14 -> donLon Books

This is my local bookshop in London, literally 30 seconds from the front door of the building we're living in at the moment. This is likely to be a Very Bad Thing for me as they have some lovely photo books, and I am a bit partial to them… Worse there's another arty bookshop only… Continue reading 29.01.14 -> donLon Books