Car Park

Not the most seasonal post ever, but it is still within the 12 days of Christmas...  Anyway, I was walking past the Castle Terrace car park in Edinburgh today and noticed that they had some quite extensive Christmas decorations, which seemed really odd for a car park. It's remarkable that they probably make the place look… Continue reading Car Park


A view of Edinburgh Castle on the 1st of January 2015. This was the day after my 5th wedding anniversary, which we decided to spend in Scotland as we got married on Hogmany 2009. For 2015 I am planning to start the whole photo 365 thing again, I managed it for a while last year… Continue reading HNY

31 (150th Post!)

A door to... ? I only noticed after publishing this post that it's my 150th Post on this site, which is amazing, and also a bit disappointing, in a way. I started 2014 planning to do a post a day or, at least, a photo a day. After a good beginning, tough, hat number says… Continue reading 31 (150th Post!)