Car Park

Not the most seasonal post ever, but it is still within the 12 days of Christmas...  Anyway, I was walking past the Castle Terrace car park in Edinburgh today and noticed that they had some quite extensive Christmas decorations, which seemed really odd for a car park. It's remarkable that they probably make the place look… Continue reading Car Park

25.04.14 -> Morris

Once again just off the Hackney Road, there is this caravan and mural/graffito, which have both been there for a while. This morning I noticed the Morris Minor and the plastic pipe planter had arrived and I couldn't resist grabbing a shot. I wonder what will be there the next time I go down that… Continue reading 25.04.14 -> Morris

24.04.14 -> FAT house

This is the Blue House, designed by FAT architects, just off the Hackney Road in East London. I believe it was built for one of the directors of the practice in 2002. The quality of the A7r and Zeiss FE lenses once again proving spectacular - I can see the grain in the individual boards… Continue reading 24.04.14 -> FAT house