A Simple Pleasure!

I know it's been too quiet around here lately, life has caught up with me on a number of levels over the last little while and I've just not had the energy to dedicate to photography or blogging. Thankfully we managed a really great holiday in France & Spain over the last couple of weeks.… Continue reading A Simple Pleasure!

New things – Contax RTS III, Zeiss 25mm & Zeiss 18mm

I had a bit of a protracted and unsatisfactory purchase from an Oxfam shop via eBay recently, however it worked out OK in the end I got an RTS III with a 25/2.8 MMJ Distagon, in place of the 28/2.8 that was originally advertised, OK it was full of Fungus but in the end that… Continue reading New things – Contax RTS III, Zeiss 25mm & Zeiss 18mm


Murmuration is a word that's used for the flocks of starlings which are often seen circulating the Piers on England's South coast at this time of year. It's a particularly famous phenomenon in Brighton, which is the South Coast's most popular seaside town for day trips and short stays. Every even numbered year they have… Continue reading Murmuration