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There is legislation passing through the European Parliament that would severely dent the rights of individuals to make and share photographs. If a building has copyright attached to it’s image, as many do, it will be illegal to take photographs in public spaces then distribute the images without the permission of the copyright holder. The ability to make and share images in public spaces is called freedom of Panorama and while it’s not a given throughout the EU. The MEP proposing this amendment is French and France (weirdly when you consider it as, perhaps, the spiritual home of both Street and Architectural photography thanks to Cartier Bresson, Atget, Brassai and so on) doesn’t have Freedom of Panorama and therefore, for example, the illuminations of the Eiffel Tower at night are protected and cannot legally be reproduced.

It also has the potential to damage assets like Wikipedia, which can only use copyright free material – therefore certain buildings do not have images on the site. If FOP is withdrawn across the EU then many images will have to be removed. The vote is on the 9th of July, so please sign the petition ASAP.

The petition is here


After Freedom of Panorama


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  1. I suppose one could argue that any image of the Eiffel Tower illuminated or otherwise belongs to the public consciousness as a symbol of both Paris and France, and so any attempt to apply copyright to such an image is bordering on the ludicrous!!! Hope this helps đŸ˜‰ !

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