Scanner Software Dilemmas

I’ve been looking at scanner software again, for the first time in years, having just come upon a great deal on a Nikon Coolscan IV via Oxfam’s online store. Obviously Nikon Scan is out of the question as it’s only supported up to MacOS 10.4. Unfortunately, I thought, that means Silverfast as I never much liked Vuescan for the Nikons, and still don’t.

So I duly downloaded Silverfast 8 last week and, exactly as I recalled, it’s good software wrapped in a rotten UI, little changed since about 2008 when I last used it. With a lot of obscure nomenclature and even simple selection of which frame to scan on a filmstrip is a pain. I also downloaded Vuescan, and still found it harder to use than Silverfast. I just always feel that Vuescan is software for flat-bed scanners that’s had film scanners added as a sideline.

So with those thoughts, what to do? I was starting to consider buying an old G5 tower to use as a dedicated scanning machine when I went back to the lasersoft site t check on pricing and saw Siverfast 9 the ben launched, finally dragging the UI into the 2010s with, for example, a dark mode which is a big deal for image editing. I’ve been convinced enough to buy in to the SE plus license and am looking forward to trying it when I get back to my studio later in the week.

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