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It was one of those days… we were supposed to drive up from Hastings to London, but the car was leaking oil so we ended up on a train and a bit grumpy, so the only photograph I took on Sunday was the one below while having lunch and a coffee during a weekend of Existential Camera Angst… Last year I fell and destroyed my Trusty old Eos 1Ds, my insurers new for old policy meant I acquired a brand new 1D  x body. Since I shoot a lot of architecture and static subjects with manual focus lenses 14fps and blazing autofocus are not priorities. I’ve also enjoyed using the I’d picked up earlier in the year NEX-6 for it’s lightness and near pocketable size. That said the Eos’s low light performance is pretty darned good, and I’ve shot some nice stuff with it.

On the 28th I went into Park Cameras shiny new London store for a look and asked what they’d offer as trade-in on the 1D x. basically, they made an offer I found hard to refuse, so I spent much of the weekend been pondering making the change to a Sony A7r and Metabones adapter for my Canon TS-E lenses. Meanwhile my wife was looking to the balustrade on the cafe stairs as an inspiration for our flat…

Leon, Kings Cross
Leon, Kings Cross

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