Contax Cameras

Contax Cameras

Contax 159MM This camera was my first Contax and still my favourite. the 159 is a solid performer with programme shooting, a useful 1/4000th top shutter speed and TTL flash metering at 1/250th. The size is perfectly balanced with the 50/1.4 or any of the f/2.8 primes up to the 135mm Sonnar.

Contax Aria A great ‘modern’ companion to my 159MM, the Aria has pretty much all of the mod-cons including motor wind, spot and matrix metering, auto bracketing etc. It feels much more refined than the 167MT which preceded it. I would say it also has a better finder with easier to read information compared with my 159MM. It could be the best film camera I have owned, it’s certainly very much up there with my Canon T90.

Contax 139 Quartz A nice little camera and the predecessor to may favoured 159MM similar sized but lacking the fast flash sync and programme modes. I owned one for a bit as it came with a lens I wanted. But sold it on in favour of the 159.

Contax RTS III A beast of a camera it’s a bit intimidating and heavy to carry around although the flatness of film plane due to the vacuum pressure plate means it’s likely the best camera for extracting maximum performance from the Contax lenses. Eventually swapped it for my Aria.

4 thoughts on “Contax Cameras

  1. Nice and informative list. I am still thinking about the C/Y zeiss 18mm f4 for my Sony A7R2. I understand that Zeiss Batis will be coming out with an 18mm f2.8 lens for the e-mount full frame. I’m waiting to see the specs and price.

    • Well, a basis 18 would be great, but I’m sure it will be pricey and, if the existing Batii are anything to go by it’ll be hard to get hold of! Hope you are enjoying the A7rII, it seems like a much more complete camera than my old A7r classic.

  2. Hi dear!

    Which lens do you prefer?
    Contax 25 2.8 vs the 28 2.8?
    Someone wrote that it might be that the 25 AE is nicer than the mm.
    Thanx a lot, Tamir

    • I would suggest that they are different – the 28 has edge to edge sharpness where the 25 will lose a bit in the corners but it does have a good feel to it. It is also rumoured that the MM version of the 25 is improved over the earlier AE version. As I only have experience of the MM versions of the lenses I can’t comment on this.

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