10.04.14 -> Space (Tamron SP 35-105 f/2.8)

After the disappointment of the Tamron 17mm it was with some trepidation that I put the 35-105 on my Adaptall to NEX converter - will all my Tamron lenses prove to be stretched too far on the Big Sony Sensor? The answer as it happens is a resounding no, at least in the case of… Continue reading 10.04.14 -> Space (Tamron SP 35-105 f/2.8)

08.04.14 -> Carnaby (Tamron 17mm Test shot)

I have the Canon TS-E 17mm in my armoury but that's big, expensive and the front element is very exposed. For these reasons I want something smaller, lighter and decently sharp to use as a carry around ultra-wide. I have an old Tamron SP 17mm f/3.5 on the Sony A7r, so decided to test it.… Continue reading 08.04.14 -> Carnaby (Tamron 17mm Test shot)

08.02.14 -> Monkey

Slowly finding placed for everything in out new flat… Not just the ornaments, but I'm back to the point where I have my full outfit again. I pulled the Tamron SP35-105/2.8 lens out and mounted it on the NEX for this shot. I like Tamron lenses and think that many of them are kinda under-ratednowadays.… Continue reading 08.02.14 -> Monkey

13.01.14 -> Kings Cross

Had a long day on Monday, travelling up from Hastings to Chester for a Design Team Meeting on a project there. Days like that can make it hard to find the time and energy for a Photo-a-day project, however arriving back at Euston I realised that there are a few opportunities along at the new… Continue reading 13.01.14 -> Kings Cross

12.01.14 -> Jerwood Hastings

Still in Hastings, this is a morning sit taken not far from yesterday's post. The new(-ish) Jerwood Gallery in hastings is, a really welcome addition to the architecture of the town, the tiles pick up on both the black net huts nearby and also the traditional glazed mathematical tiles that were commonly used to face… Continue reading 12.01.14 -> Jerwood Hastings

10.01.14 -> Regent’s Canal

Great to get a 'Photo-a-Day' shot in the bag before work! This is the scene on the Regent's Canal near Broadway Market this morning, as I walked down to Bethnal Green tube with a flat white from Climpson & Sons in hand. Nothing clever, just irresistible light and narrowboats, who could resist! Taken with my Tamron… Continue reading 10.01.14 -> Regent’s Canal