27.02.14 -> Vanishing Point

At the end of the double yellows is a building I really like, designed by Amanda Levete Architects, which is almost  impossible to photograph, because it's on a narrow alley. The architects have, cleverly, peeled the facade back and allowed light into the building. I'd love to say I'd deliberately balanced the red of the… Continue reading 27.02.14 -> Vanishing Point

06.02.14 -> The Siren

Siren, not as in a sound, but a lure. Allure. This is a new (or newly renovated) building in the City of London. The developers clearly believe that having ever light on at full blast is a way to attract attention to the Shiny newness of their building and maybe get it let. What excites… Continue reading 06.02.14 -> The Siren

03.01.14 -> Constellation

I have always been attracted to the abstract possibilities of light and lighting in my photography. I find mixed lighting and outside lighting in the city often provides me with the images I love most. I'll be more fully exploring this in coming weeks as I start to produce a series in Hackney. Expect a… Continue reading 03.01.14 -> Constellation