10.03.14 -> Zeiss C/Y 50mm vs FE 55mm Thoughts

One of the more cool things about the A7/A7r is the opportunity to use adapted glass on these bodies. As well as the Zeiss 35 & 55 FE I have a decent set of glass in C/Y mount, which I am working my way through, to find out what's good and what's not so good.… Continue reading 10.03.14 -> Zeiss C/Y 50mm vs FE 55mm Thoughts

18.02.14 -> Chrome Age Classics

Just brought these out for the first time since moving flat at the turn of the year, they are from front to back; A Konica EYE half frame camera, an Olympus 35DC, and an Olympus Trip 35. The 35 RD is a storming little point and shoot, fully auto but with an amazing 40/1.7 F.… Continue reading 18.02.14 -> Chrome Age Classics

17.01.14 -> Exhibition Review – Burroughs/Warhol/Lynch

Today was the first day of the new exhibition program at the Photographers Gallery in Ramillies Street, London. I happen to work just just around the corner and it's a good place to while away a rainy lunch hour, so I dropped in for for a quick look at lunchtime. A couple of points need… Continue reading 17.01.14 -> Exhibition Review – Burroughs/Warhol/Lynch