Darkitecture VI

Latest addition to the ongoing series on empty buildings in London. This, the first for this winter, is in the Hoxton area of London, a building which must be worth a fortune yet has been empty for ages. Personally, I was drawn by the green fluorescent light in the building on the left and the way it contrasts… Continue reading Darkitecture VI

21.04.14 -> Darkitecture IV (revisited)

For the first time since coming up with the idea of making a photographic record of derelict postwar architecture I've gone back to one and photographed it with a tripod and TS lens. In this is the real reason I replaced my Eos with an A7r - to shot Architecture at high resolution from a… Continue reading 21.04.14 -> Darkitecture IV (revisited)

03.02.14 -> Darkitecture III

As noted in the previous post the Modernist / Brutalist extension to the Children's Hospital on the Hackney Road is an ideal candidate for my Darkitechture series, so I revisited it to try out a couple of angles. Goldsmiths Row is much busier and safer place than it used to be a few years ago,… Continue reading 03.02.14 -> Darkitecture III