29.04.14-07.05.14 -> Holiday in Rome (Blog Note)

I've been on Holiday in Rome. It was the first long trip I've done since going all in on the Sony A7r and ditching my Canon 1Dx. Mostly I ran with the Zeiss FE 35 & 55 lenses and I have to say it was an absolute joy to be out there shooting with a… Continue reading 29.04.14-07.05.14 -> Holiday in Rome (Blog Note)

22.03.14 -> Mirror, Mirror

This is my first posted shot with the A7r & Metabones Smart adapter III. Gotta love that little bit of starburst from the highlights Taken with the Canon 24-105L using the (very slow) AF. The combo of the little Sony body and the big 'ol Canon lens wasn't as unbalanced as I'd expected. Very comparable… Continue reading 22.03.14 -> Mirror, Mirror

03.03.14 -> Channel

Over the Weekend I was pondering the possibility of switching from Canon to the Sony A7r. There's a lot of conflicting opinion out there over whether the high resolution of the A7r can be maximised with adapted lenses. While the jury is still, to some extent, out it does seem that there is a tangible… Continue reading 03.03.14 -> Channel

02.03.14 -> Sitting Thinking

It was one of those days… we were supposed to drive up from Hastings to London, but the car was leaking oil so we ended up on a train and a bit grumpy, so the only photograph I took on Sunday was the one below while having lunch and a coffee during a weekend of… Continue reading 02.03.14 -> Sitting Thinking

18.02.14 -> Chrome Age Classics

Just brought these out for the first time since moving flat at the turn of the year, they are from front to back; A Konica EYE half frame camera, an Olympus 35DC, and an Olympus Trip 35. The 35 RD is a storming little point and shoot, fully auto but with an amazing 40/1.7 F.… Continue reading 18.02.14 -> Chrome Age Classics

29.01.14 -> donLon Books

This is my local bookshop in London, literally 30 seconds from the front door of the building we're living in at the moment. This is likely to be a Very Bad Thing for me as they have some lovely photo books, and I am a bit partial to them… Worse there's another arty bookshop only… Continue reading 29.01.14 -> donLon Books