Common Areas

Been looking at flats recently. Almost inevitably the bit that piques my creative interests is not the flats themselves, but the common stairs and hallways… Both images below were made with an old Sigma 24mm "Superwide II" lens in Contax mount, picked up off eBay which is proving more than adequate when stopped down a bit… Continue reading Common Areas

24.04.14 -> FAT house

This is the Blue House, designed by FAT architects, just off the Hackney Road in East London. I believe it was built for one of the directors of the practice in 2002. The quality of the A7r and Zeiss FE lenses once again proving spectacular - I can see the grain in the individual boards… Continue reading 24.04.14 -> FAT house

21.04.14 -> Darkitecture IV (revisited)

For the first time since coming up with the idea of making a photographic record of derelict postwar architecture I've gone back to one and photographed it with a tripod and TS lens. In this is the real reason I replaced my Eos with an A7r - to shot Architecture at high resolution from a… Continue reading 21.04.14 -> Darkitecture IV (revisited)

06.02.14 -> The Siren

Siren, not as in a sound, but a lure. Allure. This is a new (or newly renovated) building in the City of London. The developers clearly believe that having ever light on at full blast is a way to attract attention to the Shiny newness of their building and maybe get it let. What excites… Continue reading 06.02.14 -> The Siren

05.02.14 -> Bastion

Gasometers by the Regents Canal. Incidentally the flat block visible just to the right of the centre is of interest. Keeling House which was designed by national Theatre architect Denys Lasdun was the first post-war council housing to be listed - at Grade II*. After which it was, of course, sold off to a private developer… Continue reading 05.02.14 -> Bastion