18.02.14 -> Chrome Age Classics

Just brought these out for the first time since moving flat at the turn of the year, they are from front to back; A Konica EYE half frame camera, an Olympus 35DC, and an Olympus Trip 35. The 35 RD is a storming little point and shoot, fully auto but with an amazing 40/1.7 F.… Continue reading 18.02.14 -> Chrome Age Classics

15.01.14 -> Wilco

Getting right up to date with today's entry in to my 2014 Photo-a-day project. This is a workshop under the railway arches on Cambridge Heath Road. Walking past I've noticed that here always seems to be a Taxi sitting at the other side, but never the same one two days in a row. Shot with… Continue reading 15.01.14 -> Wilco

09.01.14 -> Planets

The sister shot to "Constellations" from the 3rd of January. This was taken on Oxford street last night. The Christmas decorations are now switched off and the interaction of these hanging balls and the lighting below is, for me, much more interesting than when they were illuminated! Taken with the Trusty NEX-6 and my Zeiss… Continue reading 09.01.14 -> Planets

05.01.14 -> Brutalism

An abstract shot of a Brutalist office Building in central Ghent, the play of light and shade between the building and the tree, I think, give quite a strong Architectural Abstract. Shot with the 85/1.4 Planar stopped down a little on the NEX-6. Interestingly, in this case, there is a little lack in of sharpness… Continue reading 05.01.14 -> Brutalism