Olympus Trips and the Joy of Toy.

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I’ve just discovered the joy of toy… 

I tried a Holga but didn’t enjoy it, I’ve been collecting Canon FD SLRs for ages but the quality is high. I have also been looking ot for a 70s rangefinder like a Canonet or Olympus 35 SP but every one I buy seems to be broken… 

 A few weeks ago I stumbled across an old Olympus trip at a car boot, a bit dirty looking and the aperture was little sticky but I thought it looked in good shape under all the muck. I gave it a good old clean up and After about 50-100 shutter presses the aperture started to work pretty well. The lens unfortunately seemed a bit harder to clean. Anyway, I thought I’d run a bit of colour print film through it and see how I liked it. 

In use that simple little box was a revelation, it was an absolute joy to use, in fact I’ve not enjoyed snapping away so much in ages, The Eos 1Ds/400D system I use for my digital work seems to suck all the fun out of photography, specially used with studio lights as it has been lately. It was exactly like going back to my Minox 35GT but with even less to think about as there is no exposure control, compose focus and shoot… Somehow putting a 400D into P mode with it’s zoom or holding a modern compact at arm’s length can’t quite match the tactile aspect of a decent fixed lens compact. 

The results were even more intriguing, the lens is in fact really quite badly scuffed but in the spirit of toy camera work I liked that too, for at least some of the shots (a selection of which can be seen on my flickr stream). The upshot is that I now have another trip with a good lens and it’s given me the impetus to spend a bit more and buy a fully working Olympus 35 DC which, with it’s f/1.7 lens and rangefinder patch, is like a Trip on steroids.

This is why the new Fuji X100 has really got me excited, I guess.

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