Sunrise 2

The picture above is a shot of my Father-in-law, wearing his new hat on Christmas day. I used the  Zeiss 85mm f/2.8 AEJ on my Eos. Michael is a lovely guy but he’s having a really hard time at the moment with his and his wife’s health. I hope I’ve captured a little of his character.

One of the risks of going down the path of playing with cameras and vintage lenses is GAS. Since getting the Sonnar as well as taking photos of the cat and various household items to test it (I won’t post basic test shots like those – there are enough on the web already) I’ve been doing some googling and the Sonnar vs Planar debate is an interesting one, it very much seems that there are arguments for each lens… maybe I just need to have both. From a technique side I’ve learned that using this lens at f/2.8 gives a fairly shallow depth of field for head shots, so maybe the 85/1.4 could be overkill? Anyhow, now that I have both I’ll need to play around and see which to keep.

The other thing that’s swirling around my head is that it’s damned hard to judge correct focus or depth of field on the 1Dx’s standard screen in low light. From that standpoint I am considering either swapping the 1Dx’s focusing screen for an Ec-B with split image or selling the camera to buy a Sony A7r, which may well work better for MF lenses and give higher resolution for critical work with my EF lenses… But that’s a whole other subject.

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