Hastings Pier

After working on a personal project around documenting the progress of Hastings Pier I was devastated by the news this morning that the pier has burned down. My wife, Tina, is a trustee in a community group that has been determined to get the pier back into use and, last night, after a very positive presentation of the work they have done I was feeling good about the chances of seeing it all come together. We always knew there was a risk of fire, and indeed there has been evidence of minor fires before but this time it was the big one and while we slept in the positive energy of last nights presentation everything went up in smoke.

Hastings Borough Council will now have to assess the structure and decide if it has to be demolished of if is possible to make it safe and go forward. If so I hope that there will be a place for the members of the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust who have done so much to try and save the pier.

More Hstings Pier photographs at my website

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