Exhibition April 2011: Soy Cuba @ bullet Cafe

Towards the end of last year I accidentally talked myself into having a small-scale exhibition, in the excellent Bullet Cafe, Robertson Street, Hastings while having a chat with the owner. I decided to show a number of photographs from a trip to Cuba a few years back. What struck me when out there was the pride and strength of the people in a country that has had to deal with all that Castro’s opposition to Cuba’s close neighbour, the USA. So, uncharacteristically for me I shot the people rather than the place.

I was also taken with the run down and decrepit nature of the place, and wanted to reflect that too. As a result I chose to seek out older, ornate frames to put the images into. The result was that it took far longer than expected to get it all together but, finally, I got it all on the wall last week and I’m very happy with the way it looks. Now I just have to hope that it goes well there are a few sales…

If you’re in Hastings and fancy a good coffee or maybe a bite to eat then please pop in to Bullet and take a look.

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