Christmas is Coming

So I’d just done a Market research group and had £70 in cash with me when I walked past a gear pusher near Oxford Circus in London and saw a nice looking Sonnar 135mm f/2.8 in the MMJ variation staring back at me for a mere £120. I walked in and asked to inspect the lens, the guy could see I was almost hooked and immediately dropped the price to £100, so that was that. But I can’t complain, a nice Zeiss lens in good nick for less than the eBay going rate…


I have had it for a few weeks and like the handling very much, not too heavy and with a useful built in hood. It also shares it’s 55mm thread with my 28 & 50 lenses. I’ve shot a bit of film with it on the 159MM but have yet to get the film dev’d so am awaiting the results, however I’ve just made a few exposures of the Carnaby St. Christmas decorations which come in the form of a riot of Robins. Shooting them against a white sky then upping the contrast and saturation shows a lens that has relatively little CA at moderately wide apertures which is pretty good for a lens of this age in my book._N3V0989-1500


Looks like a keeper.


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