10.04.14 -> Space (Tamron SP 35-105 f/2.8)

After the disappointment of the Tamron 17mm it was with some trepidation that I put the 35-105 on my Adaptall to NEX converter - will all my Tamron lenses prove to be stretched too far on the Big Sony Sensor? The answer as it happens is a resounding no, at least in the case of… Continue reading 10.04.14 -> Space (Tamron SP 35-105 f/2.8)

08.04.14 -> Carnaby (Tamron 17mm Test shot)

I have the Canon TS-E 17mm in my armoury but that's big, expensive and the front element is very exposed. For these reasons I want something smaller, lighter and decently sharp to use as a carry around ultra-wide. I have an old Tamron SP 17mm f/3.5 on the Sony A7r, so decided to test it.… Continue reading 08.04.14 -> Carnaby (Tamron 17mm Test shot)

22.03.14 -> Mirror, Mirror

This is my first posted shot with the A7r & Metabones Smart adapter III. Gotta love that little bit of starburst from the highlights Taken with the Canon 24-105L using the (very slow) AF. The combo of the little Sony body and the big 'ol Canon lens wasn't as unbalanced as I'd expected. Very comparable… Continue reading 22.03.14 -> Mirror, Mirror

11.03.14 -> FE 35mm Thoughts

A short post following up on my previous one about the standard lenses. At the same time I compared the Zeiss FE 35mm f/2.8 with the Yashica ML 35mm f/2.8. It wa a much clearer result in favour of the Zeiss, at least in sharpness terms. Interestingly the older lens is exhibiting a warm cast again, but… Continue reading 11.03.14 -> FE 35mm Thoughts

10.03.14 -> Zeiss C/Y 50mm vs FE 55mm Thoughts

One of the more cool things about the A7/A7r is the opportunity to use adapted glass on these bodies. As well as the Zeiss 35 & 55 FE I have a decent set of glass in C/Y mount, which I am working my way through, to find out what's good and what's not so good.… Continue reading 10.03.14 -> Zeiss C/Y 50mm vs FE 55mm Thoughts

04.03.14 -> facade (Zeiss 55mm sample)

This is a building project where part of the original facade is being retained for the future. It's not  a great photo, but it is the first shot I've taken with the Zeiss 55/1.8 ZA for NEX/A7 mounts. This is an awesomely sharp lens. I'm showing the whole frame, then below it a 100% crop… Continue reading 04.03.14 -> facade (Zeiss 55mm sample)

03.03.14 -> Channel

Over the Weekend I was pondering the possibility of switching from Canon to the Sony A7r. There's a lot of conflicting opinion out there over whether the high resolution of the A7r can be maximised with adapted lenses. While the jury is still, to some extent, out it does seem that there is a tangible… Continue reading 03.03.14 -> Channel