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A Mall with the Zeiss 18mm

This post is sort of an odd one, at least compared to other recent posts. It’s just a couple of shots that showcase a Contax lens. Earlier this week I was at a shopping mall the architectural practice I work for has been amending over the last couple of years. They demonstrate how the Sony A7r allows me to lift shadows and how nicely the 18mm Distagon handles architectural subjects, thanks to it’s low distortion. I did, however, haveĀ to correct for the vignette, even with the lens stopped down to f/8.

The last image is one of the straight out of camera JPEGs, so that you can see how much I’ve been able to pull from the RAW file.



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A Simple Pleasure!

I know it’s been too quiet around here lately, life has caught up with me on a number of levels over the last little while and I’ve just not had the energy to dedicate to photography or blogging. Thankfully we managed a really great holiday in France & Spain over the last couple of weeks. More about the trip and someĀ images will follow but not until I’ve been able to get the film processed, as I shot entirely with my Contax 159MM & a few of my Zeiss lenses.

We got back yesterday evening and while Mooching around in Artwords Bookshop on Broadway Market I found myself looking at the familiar to me cover of the book Designed for the Future: 80 Practical Ideas for a Sustainable World, on page 117 of which rests the image below… Taken with a very un-Contax Canon Eos 1Ds and 17mm TS-E with a fair bit of shift on.




A view of Edinburgh Castle on the 1st of January 2015. This was the day after my 5th wedding anniversary, which we decided to spend in Scotland as we got married on Hogmany 2009.

For 2015 I am planning to start the whole photo 365 thing again, I managed it for a while last year but it tapered off as the year went on. One thing I can promise is that the updates won’t be daily, even if the shots are…Fireworks_1800

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De La Warr

Visited the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Saturday. Designed by Mendelssohn and Chermayeff it is one of the few truly iconic modernist buildings in the UK and one which I never tire of.

Now for a quick rant. Sadly the Magnum exhibition on show at the De La Warr was one of the worst I’ve seen. The daft curatorial conceit seems to have consisted of 3 people pulling prints out of a pile and more or less randomly grouping them. Stripping reportage images by noted photographers like Eve Armold, Eliot Erwitt, Martin Parr or Rene Burri of their context and meaning leaving a bunch of snaps on a wall. Essentially the exact opposite of a good or effective exhibition.