Darkitecture VI

Latest addition to the ongoing series on empty buildings in London. This, the first for this winter, is in the Hoxton area of London, a building which must be worth a fortune yet has been empty for ages.

Personally, I was drawn by the green fluorescent light in the building on the left and the way it contrasts with the red light on the right.



Wyke Road (Contax G90mm Sample)

A bonus upload for today. This was seen in hackney Wick last December. Made with the Contax G fit 90mm this shot really shows the sharpness and ‘Pop’ that the lens can deliver on the A7r in good light. I was lucky enough to spot this lens, in the rare black version, in Cash Converters for a relative pittance and snapped it up. Rather than go down the helicoid route I had went for the latest version of the Tech-Art adapter which meant a bit of a wait before I could make use of it but n this walk I tried to use it as much as possible and I’m really pleased with the results.

Definitely a keeper and a great lightweight alternative to the C/Y fit 85/1.4 Planar with the added bonus of being an AF lens and, in all honesty, while the AF hunts a bit I’d say that it is quite usable and definite improvement on using the Canon 24-105L on my Metabones smart adapter III which drove me mad…

I am really enjoying the Manual aperture ring too, I wish more makers would follow Fuji’s lead on that front. There’s an honesty about changing that setting on the lens which is really appealing and direct.



But Where Can I Get Pizza?

My wife and I live in the Broadway Market area of East London and over the years it has become artified and gentrified. Broadway Market has not one but three bookshops two of which specialise in arty books. There’s also a great and long running photo book stall on the Saturday market here.

Now I love my photo books but even with all of the above it still seemed a bit weird to find fliers for Hoxton Mini Press’s photo books coming through the front door instead of the usual Mini CAB and Pizza delivery fliers and earlier this week!

By the way, Hoxton mini press does make very nice little books and there was a discount code – XMAS14 – on the flier which will give 10% off online orders.