29.04.14-07.05.14 -> Holiday in Rome (Blog Note)

I’ve been on Holiday in Rome. It was the first long trip I’ve done since going all in on the Sony A7r and ditching my Canon 1Dx. Mostly I ran with the Zeiss FE 35 & 55 lenses and I have to say it was an absolute joy to be out there shooting with a small discreet but high quality outfit. I have also learned a few things about working with the Sony too. One example; I beleive it under-exposes so I default to dialling in 1/3 of a stop of over-exposure.

All in I made around 500 exposures (some of which I think are pretty darned good), so rather than making a photo-a-day posts I’m going to make a number of longer multi-image posts with some different edits from the set, This way I can hopefully tell a story about my impressions of Rome. Look out for these interspersed with the regular ‘shot of the day’ type posts over the next couple of weeks.

I did get the chance to use a couple of my TS-E lenses on the trip too. The shot below, of the foyer in our apartment block, is a 3-image flat stitch from my Canon TS-E 24mm.


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