26.04.14 -> Market

Broadway Market from above… I love living here and being able to walk out and grab a vegetarian curry or a fancy scotch egg and take it back up to our flat. The flip side is the noise from the Cat & Mutton and Off Broadway. Maybe nothing is quite perfect?

I mage made with with the A7r and my recently acquired Contax fit Zeiss 80-200 f/4 Vario-Sonnar zoom, which I was testing against my Tamron SP 70-210 f/3.5. Interestingly, while internet chatter has the Zeiss 80-200 rated lower than it’s rarer 70-210mm predecessor, I foundry copy to be very good indeed. Indeed, in my opinion the Zeiss is clearly better than the Tamron, in spite of the latter’s near legendary status as one of the best 70-210 manual focus lenses – see it’s page on


Broadway Market, from Above
Broadway Market, from Above

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