06.02.14 -> The Siren

Siren, not as in a sound, but a lure. Allure. This is a new (or newly renovated) building in the City of London. The developers clearly believe that having ever light on at full blast is a way to attract attention to the Shiny newness of their building and maybe get it let. What excites is the contrast with my ongoing Darkitecture series of images of empty/hoarded Post-War architecture.

14_02_06-The Siren

This thing was pumping out such huge a mounts of light that it really jumped out from the south bank of the Thames.

14_02_06-The Siren-2a

Both Images with NEX-6 top one with the crappy kit zoom, the bottom one with my Zeiss 135/2.8 – just to keep the Contaxian thing going!

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