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Over the Weekend I was pondering the possibility of switching from Canon to the Sony A7r. There’s a lot of conflicting opinion out there over whether the high resolution of the A7r can be maximised with adapted lenses. While the jury is still, to some extent, out it does seem that there is a tangible benefit from using the sony with the Canon TS-E 17 & 24mm lenses. Resolution aside the Sony sensor appears to offer better colour depth and solves the issue of the absolutely bonkers over saturated reds Canon’s DSLRs ¬†produce (OK this can be useful but often you have to knock them back in RAW processing).

In the end the offer I got for my 1D x from Park Cameras ¬†has tipped me over the edge and, as of today I’m no longer shooting a Canon DSLR. I walked out of the shop with the Zeiss FE 35/2.8 & 55/1.8 ZA lenses, and will be back in there later this week to pick up the A7r body. My Metabones Smart Adapter III should also arrive this week. Thankfully I can play with the new Zeiss glass on my NEX-6 until the A7r arrives. Below is my first with the 35/2.8 on the NEX, since I’ve only managed a couple of frames I’ll hold fire on commenting on it’s performance until I’ve shot a bit more.


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